VIDEO I think Al Roker just put Matt Lauer on live blast about Ann Curry!

NBC is still riding the Olympic waves as the folks with Today were interviewing some gals from the U.S. rowing team. It was your usual Today light-side fluff until Al Roker rocked some serious live awkwardness with what certainly appeared to be a dig at Matt Lauer and what happened to Ann Curry.

So here’s the set up, and I’ll follow the clip with Al’s pay-off. Matt was talking about how a post-race tradition was to throw a member in the water and he joked that in New York City they toss folks into the Hudson. Welllll….


Here was Al Roker’s retort. I especially liked the fact that he waited for everyone to be quiet to deliver the hammer!

“Which is different than our tradition … which is you throw one of us under the bus, but that’s another story.”

Oh Roker-Snap! If you’ve missed out on the back story, Ann believes that she was railroaded by Lauer and it’s alleged that part of his deal to re-up with Today would be that Ann got ye olde boot. During all this he-said, she-said-after-getting-canned, Ann made sure to let everyone know she had respect for Al. I’ve got to assume that respect was just ramped up a notch or two!