VIDEO Florida man dances atop police cruiser to avoid vampires

Male Vampire



A Florida man has been arrested for dancing illegally. He wasn’t naked in the middle of the road, like so many arrested Florida dancers of yore. He didn’t have an unwilling partner, as has been the case with Florida men before. And he wasn’t especially high–at least, not according to the police report.

No, this particular Florida man was arrested for dancing atop a parked police cruiser while it sat in the officer’s driveway at home. And, because this is the world, there’s surveillance footage. Have a look:


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According to Orlando news, the Cape Coral man danced, shimmied, and shook for a full six minutes before doing a butt-scoot off the front windshield and dismounting. At which point he decided, why the heck not, and ripped off the windshield wipers.

Christian Radecki was later arrested for his dancing (and vandalizing) ways. When officers asked him why he had done the dance, this particular Florida man claimed it was specifically to ward off vampires.

No word on exactly how high he was.


(Photo credits: Female, male vampires via Flickr)

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