VIDEO E! Reality series ‘Bridalplasty’ preview teaser

Bridalplasty banner graphic

Never one to shy away from stirring up controversy the E! network is all set to launch it’s brand new reality series Bridalplasty in which brides-to-be compete in challenges every week to win “plastic surgery procedures in a quest to win their ultimate dream wedding.”

The show promises to be almost literally a train wreck – or at least the surgical aftermath of a train wreck – as these women treat things like a node job, breast implants, tummy tuck and liposuction the same as choosing flowers, a cake and invitations! Here’s the preview teaser:

If it isn’t a reality already I suggest plastic surgeons start providing wedding registry services so that other brides-to-be can register exactly who’s nose they want, what size breasts you can buy them and whether they would prefer collagen or botox or both. (I know as a man I have no idea which of these to get for my lady friends planning on having an “ultimate dream wedding.”)

Do lots of women really want/need to be Heidi Montag?

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Bridalplasty premieres on Sunday, November 28 at 9/8c so mark your calendars!