VIDEO ‘Bee Dance Krumpin’ provides clue on how Casper Smart got Jennifer Lopez’s honey

Casper Smart dances in a bee costume

Ever since the pop masses caught wind that Jennifer Lopez had moved on from Marc Anthony to back-up dancer Casper Smart they wondered what game this young man had to reel in “Jenny From the Block.”

He’s a good enough looking young buck, and kid’s got moves but we’re talking about JLo here, and while the romance has heated up to the point of Smart being featured in a steamy video for Lopez’s latest video, much of the press has written off the romance as a bounce back for Jennifer.

So is this a Cougar on the prowl with the 42-year-old superstar hooking up with a 24-year-old man? I guess time will tell but there is some video footage E! dug up that may provide some insider information as to how Smart got that sweet nectar.

A while back there was a growing concern about the dwindling population of the honeybee. In the following clip Casper gets donned up in a full honey bee suit as he helped promote Häagen-Dazs, which uses natural, organic ingredients that are pollinated by bees, so the decline of honeybees would affect their product…and that’s how “Bee Dance Krumpin” was born.

I ain’t suggesting that you go get a honey bee costume and krump but it did work for Casper. Let’s see what a couple of youngsters think about this…