PHOTOS Jennifer Lopez nip slip wardrobe malfunction on “Wetten Dass?”

Jennifer Lopez nip slip on Wetten Dass - click for unedited photo

Jennifer Lopez was making an appearance on the fun-spirited German television extravaganza Wetten Dass? (Wanna Bet…?) when her flowing dress opened a little too wide at the top and the audience was treated to a bit of fahrvergboobin! (For those of you not familiar with 1990s Volkswagen advertising campaigns just insert a “Heil Titler” joke instead.)

(Click images for the unedited photos)

Jennifer Lopez nipple made an appearance on Wetten Dass - click for uncensored photo

The show was actually being filmed in Majorca Spain where a packed stadium watched J-Lo make a grand entrance in a horse-drawn carriage before being shown to her seat by host Thomas Gottschalk, who was celebrating his last appearance on the show. It was just before taking her seat that a laughing Lopez exposed mucha tata. (I had to switch it up for some Spanish flavor!)

Jennifer Lopez suffers wardrobe malfunction - click for unedited nip slip photo

The moment was actually very brief and not even noticeable during the broadcast. Here’s a nice quality clip of her arrival – the wham bam thank you mammary moment comes at just around the 1:10 mark. (I’ll warn you though, there’s not a lot to see.)

I suppose I can understand that some loose-fitting outfits require that a woman not wear a bra, but I still don’t get why celebrities don’t invest in a roll of nude colored Lady Gaga nipple tape just in case. (Even though Lady Gaga herself forgot recently at the CDFA Awards Awards during which both Gaga tatas made an extended appearance on the red carpet after gravity decided it really like her dress.)

That being said, I’m as big a fan as the next guy when it comes to unmentionable female body parts crashing a party!

Photos: Thomas Faehnrich /