Jason Hoppy: Where is he now?

Bethenny Frankel March 31

Back in 2010, Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy seemed to have it all: a loving marriage, a new daughter, and a booming business. But after two years of marriage, the fairy tale ended when Bethenny filed for divorce.

After the couple split, Bethenny remained in the public eye when she went on to star in her own daytime talk show, work to expand and promote SkinnyGirl products, and eventually re-join the cast of The Real Housewives of New York. But what about Jason? What has he been up to since Bethenny Ever After?

Jason seems to be doing the exact opposite of Bethenny. To say he’s kept a low profile since his days as a Bravolebrity would be an understatement. Other than the occasional outing around New York City, Jason is rarely seen. He doesn’t have a public presence on social media and little is know about him outside his court battle with Bethenny.

Jason Hoppy

Though Jason was at one point a big part of the SkinnyGirl brand, it’s safe to say he has since taken a different career path. The 44-year-old has gone back to his roots and is currently a pharmaceutical account exec at AbbVie pharmaceuticals.

Jason is still living in the same apartment him and Frankel shared with their daughter Bryn. He’s occasionally been photographed taking Bryn to school and playing outside. Here’s the most recent pic of the two strolling the chilly NYC streets back in February.

Bryn and Jason

Jason has been photographed with a few women over the last couple of years but they were either casual friends or a fellow parent from Bryn’s school. If Jason is in a relationship, he’s definitely keeping that under wraps as well.

And remember Jason’s parents, Carol and Bob, who also appeared on Bravo? Here’s a rare pic from a while back of the family hanging out together in SoHo.

Jason Hoppy out and about

Most recently, Jason was in the headlines when his lawyer made a statement regarding Bethenny’s claim that she’s the “richest homeless person in Manhattan.” Their NYC pad has become a source of contention and a major sticking point in the couple’s ability to finalize their divorce. Bernard Clair, Jason’s attorney, said:

The recent stories about what is supposedly going on in court, particularly about financial matters, are inaccurate and false, seemingly planted by misguided people who wrongly believe that they are furthering Ms. Frankel’s newly minted effort to cast herself as a victim. Mr. Hoppy continues to work hard to protect his daughter from what appears to be her mother’s inability or unwillingness to put a clamp on uninvited media attention.

By the way, interesting fact, Bernard made the list of 10 Lawyers You Don’t Want Representing Your Spouse In A Divorce.

Even though Jason and Bethenny have been apart for two years, it’s hard to believe that Jason has completely left the spotlight. After all, he played a major role in Bethenny’s Bravo spin-0ffs. Do you miss seeing Jason on TV?