Top Ten Disney and Marvel Mash-up Movies

One of the crossover Disney Marvel movies in the works is Ghost Rider II: The Nightmare Before During and After Christmas

It was announced yesterday that Disney will be purchasing Marvel entertainment for $4 billion, injecting over 5,000 characters from the Marvel Universe into the Disney library while giving Marvel, who only recently got into the movie-making business with Iron Man and The Hulk, access to the massive movie-making machinery of Disney and Pixar studios as well as nearly unlimited marketing possibilities. Needless to say, there is a great deal of concern from traditional comic book fans who are worried that Walt Disney’s “family-oriented” business model might mark the end of some of Marvel’s more adult-oriented titles.

Starcasm investigators inside the Disney Empire have uncovered some of the future Disney/Marvel “crossover” projects in the works, and although it does appear they might be allowing for the continued existence of some of Marvel’s not-so-family-friendly characters, they do seem to be toning them down a bit. I sorted through the hundreds of potential films in the queue ranging from Donald the Duck to Black Catatouille and have narrowed it down to what I think represents the Top Ten Disney and Marvel Mash-up Movies.

10. WOLV-E

A grumpy little butcherbot avenges his bionic girlfriend
Eve’s death by going after his robot brother Lasertooth.


Magnetohontas is one of the crossover movie titles in the works from the recently combined Disney and Marvel studios


A sexy mutant Native American decides it is time to switch out the peace pipe for a lead pipe and take back what her people lost. Vengeance without reservations! Oh, and she can move paperclips around and stuff.

8. Peter Parker Pan

An edgy suburban drama about a young newspaper reporter that is bitten by a homosexual spider and starts performing in a burlesque drag queen show in the evenings. The stress of living two separate lives begins to be too much but “Big Peter” forms a life-changing bond with his terminally ill trans-gendered Uncle May.


J. Jonah Jameson and the Giant Peach is one of the crossover movie titles in the works from the recently combined Disney and Marvel studios

J. Jonah Jameson and the Giant Peach

A surly gasbag newspaper editor fires an ex-hippy journalist who takes revenge by lacing Jameson’s edition of The Daily Bugle with multiple hits of acid.

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