VIDEO Tony Romo’s girlfriend is Chace Crawford’s sister, Miss Missouri Candice Crawford?

Tony Romo dating Candice Crawford? - Revolutionpix/Fame Pictures

Celeb TV is reporting that Tony Romo has been getting cozy with Gossip Girl‘s Chace Crawford’s sister, Candice.

Candice Crawford isn’t just a television hottie’s sister, she’s got an impressive resume of her own. She is currently holding the title of Miss Missouri and is a Dallas TV sports reporter. She’s even got a website that extols the virtues she strives to uphold as a journalist. There are also a couple of videos of her interviewing the Dallas Cowboys (including Romo).

The Romo-Crawford relationship is still a rumor, like the rumor that he was dating Natalie Smith, but there are some connections there, so it could turn out to have some merit. She definitely seems like his type: she blond. UPDATE: This rumored turned out to be true! Tony married Candice Crawford May 28, 2011. As of October 2011, they are expecting their first child together! Congratulations!

Watch a video of her journalism skills below.


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