Toddler sent to ER, neck injured by fishing line prank in Walmart toy aisle


A Bristow, Oklahoma mom is fuming after her 1-year-old daughter was forced to visit the ER after suffering an injury while in the toy aisle at a local Walmart.

Patricia Keeth said her 1-year-old daughter Allison was just walking down the aisle when she was sent reeling backwards by a fishing line that someone had stretched across the aisle in an apparent prank. The height of the line would indicate that the probable prankster’s intention was to trip someone but because of the height, it clotheslined little Allison’s neck.

Keeth told FOX23:

“Children don’t deserve to go to Walmart to look at toys and end up in the ER. Even if it was a prank that was supposed to be funny or bad, I mean it could really hurt somebody. And I would like to know who did this and I want them to see my daughter’s neck.”

Allison’s mom is certain that the injury will leave a scar. “Even if it was on purpose or something funny as a joke, haha it’s not. My daughter’s going to be damaged for life now,” she said.

FOX23 contacted Walmart and a spokesperson said there were no surveillance cameras near the toy aisle. Keeth was informed that an investigation was underway and that she would know within 30 days if Walmart is found responsible. If the company is, then they will be obligated to pay for the emergency room bill.

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