Tiki Barber and mistress Traci Lynn Johnson pictured together before he left his wife

Traci Lynn Johnson

Former New York Giants running back Tiki Barber is reportedly leaving his eight-months pregnant wife Ginny for a hot blond former NBC intern named Traci Lynn Johnson.

According to reports, Tiki has been spotted with Traci, 23, on numerous occasions and has been introducing her as his assistant. The always-smiling, “family-first” Barber reportedly had Traci with him while covering the Vancouver Olympics for Yahoo, and also during filming of a special on Senegal that Tiki was hosting for the Travel Channel.

I was doing research on the latter when I ran across a photo that literally induced a spit-take. Thankfully it was just water and thankfully my brother bought me one of these “keypad condom” things due to my propensity for spilled drinks and occasional spit-takes. Anyway, see if you can spot the hot blond mistress in this photo. I’ll give you two guesses!

(Click for a larger image)

Tiki Barber's mistress Traci Lynn Johnson photobomb

Pbfbfbfbfffft!!! Senegal? More like SINegal! Here’s a zoomed-in image where you can clearly see Traci with what can only be described as a “Yeah, I’m having sex with the host” smile:

A sexy Traci Lynn johnson smiles during a Tiki Barber photoshoot

I am almost embarrassed to say that I’m going to look to see when Senegal: The President’s Tour comes on again and I will probably watch it to see if Traci makes any cameos. If anyone else feels the same way, but wanted to know a little bit more about it first, here’s a description from Facebook:

The film features Senegal’s President Wade who guides television correspondent, Tiki Barber, on a scenic and fascinating journey throughout this West African country. The film will reveal the splendid terrain, tourist attractions and historical sites, such as Gorée Island, that attract visitors from all over the world. It will also showcase the fashion, music, educational and technological advances that have made Senegal one of the stars of West Africa.

Here’s one more photo for good measure, featuring Traci looking a little less naughty and gleeful:

Tiki Barber and his mistress Traci Lynn Johnson during a Travl Channel film shoot in Senegal

Photos: Beyond Productions/Jeff Siberry via africasummit.blogspot.com