The Bachelor Season 14: Are two of Jake Pavelka’s bachelorettes lesbians?

Bachelor 13

Was Ali’s walk-out planned?

Season 14 of The Bachelor kicks off tonight with sexy pilot Jake Pavelka, and there might be a little scandal in the works right off the bat. After 14 seasons, The Bachelor is finally learning how to score viewers. These past few seasons of building the brands (including The Bachelorette) through OMG! moments and reusing discarded contestants to star in their own show are starting to pay off.

They’ve upped the ante with this season by teasing us with promises of possible girl-on-girl action. It might just be that one of the contestants hooked up with a crewmember, but that’s not as exciting.  Jillian and Ed, the couple from The Bachelorette Season 5, will show up to help Jake Pavelka eliminate his first 10 girls.

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