Teresa “Teresallini Fabulice” Giudice is launching her own signature cocktail: The Fabellini Bellini

It worked for Bethenny Frankel, so why not for Teresa Giudice?  The controversial Real Housewives of New Jersey star  is designing and promoting her own original cocktail.

In an interview with crushable.com, “Teresallini  Fabulice” said, “I’m coming out with my own adult beverage. It’s a Bellini and it’s going to be called a “Fabellini. I’ve got a raspberry and peach. It’s Prosecco wine, peach purée, and raspberry.” She also told the New York Daily News “We’re starting a new business with wines,” possibly referring to her new cocktail. Joe Giudice already makes homemade wine deep in the bowels of their over-leveraged massive mansion, so she may also have been talking about launching a wine company to go along with the Fabellini.

No doubt the drink pairs wonderfully with every recipe in her recent Skinny Italian and Fabulicious! cookbooks.

Product launching has come to be the norm across all franchises of the housewives, from makeup lines (Gretchen Rossi) to handbags (Lynn Curtain) to fashion houses (Sheree Whitfield, Alexis Bellino). The spirits route has been hugely successful for NYC alum Bethenny Frankel. Her Skinnygirl margarita, which got its first mention on a Season 1 episode of the show, recently turned into a $120 million deal for Frankel. Bethenny’s former cast-mate Ramona Singer has also tried her hand in the booze business, launching her own signature Pinot Grigio.

Given Teresa and husband Joe’s very public financial woes and her own very public family feud, you can’t blame a girl for hawking what she knows. Misery loves a stiff cocktail.

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