Teresa Giudice tapes message for daughters to watch while she’s in prison

Teresa Giudice

January 5, 2015 will be a sad day in the Giudice household. Just as a new year begins, so will Teresa’s 15 month sentence in prison.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Teresa and Joe plead guilty to fraud charges in March. As a result of those charges, the couple, who have been married for nearly 15 years, were sentenced to sentenced to prison earlier this month.

In an effort to stay involved in the lives of her children, an insider told Us she plans to tape messages for each of her daughters: Gia, 13, Gabriella, 10, Milania, 8, and Audriana, 5. These messages will be “for birthdays, one for holidays, and a video with words of encouragement for when they’re sad.”

Giudice Family

The 42-year-old is putting on a strong front during interviews, but an insider says deep down, things are very different. According to the source, Teresa is “deeply depressed” and is “not eating or sleeping.”

As soon as Teresa’s time in prison is finished, Joe will begin his 41 month sentence. Unfortunately, Joe has another sentencing this week for charges related to using a fake i.d. He could be facing additional prison time meaning it may be much longer than 41 months he will be away from his family.

Joe Giudice

Joe is handling stress from his recent sentencing a bit differently from his wife. He admitted during a one-on-one with Andy Cohen he drinks everyday and he “might” have a drinking problem.

Joe also confessed to drinking up to four bottles of wine a night in order to “help [him] sleep” and claimed “one bottle [of wine] is like sucking a bottle of milk. It’s nothing.”

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