Teen Mom 2 preview clips for Chelsea, Leah, Kail and Jenelle

Chelsea Houska Great Dane wedding planning

We’ve got half a dozen episodes of Teen Mom 2 behind us, but the drama train keeps on a-rollin’! In the new preview clips for Episode 7 we see Javi’s tearful deployment goodbye, Leah and Corey take Ali to the doctor and an awkward custody conversation breaks out, Chelsea begins planning her wedding, and Jenelle FINALLY confronts Nathan in person about Kaiser!

“Chelsea starts to plan her wedding”

In Monday night’s episode we saw Aubree cring for the first time in a while, and this preview clip starts right off with more Aubree waterworks as she has some SERIOUS issues with Chelsea’s band-aid application skills.

After Aubree’s dramatic outburst, Chelsea settles in with her gal pal and the Houska zoo of mammals for some wedding planning chit chat.

“I’m getting f***ing married!” Chelsea says, astonished.

“I’m excited about it, “says Chelsea’s friend. “I wish it was here.”

“I know, it’s going to be fun.”

“Are you enjoying the planning?”

“I’m excited to look at venues,” says Chelsea. “I want to do like a destination wedding — somewhere with mountains, and it’s pretty.”

“Yeah. So have you got, like, flowers all all that kind of stuff?”

“I don’t know!” Chelsea exclaims. “I see a picture and I’m, like, ‘Oh, I like it.'” She then reveals that she has been looking online and starts to show some of what she likes on her iPad. “I just want a lot of different colors that go together,” she says as she scrolls through flowers.

Like 75% of all Teen Mom 2 conversations, things then shift to parental legal issues. “So, I have a child support hearing coming up.”


“No, we’re readjusting it in a couple of weeks,” Chelsea says. “And so I’m just going to talk to my lawyer and see exactly how that works.”

“Has Adam been keeping up on child support?”

“I mean, he’ll go in spurts where he doesn’t pay it, and then he’ll pay a big chunk,” Chelsea reveals. “Who knows what’s going to happen if it does get adjusted.”

“Yeah, there’s no way,” Chelsea’s friend says.

“Dude, it’s going to. He didn’t even have a job when they first did it.”

“How much does he pay now?”

“It’s like, around $150,” says Chelsea.

Her friend seems astonished.

* Click here for more info on what Adam was paying in child support as well as the new amount proposed by Chelsea at the court hearing.

“An uncomfortable custody convo”

Leah and Corey return to Columbus, Ohio for another of Ali’s doctor’s appointments. After we see Leah pulling ALi into the hospital in a luxurious baller-comfy wagon, the three head back to see neuromuscular specialist, Dr. Tsao.

Dr. Tsao’s main concern is Ali falling down several times a day, so he makes sure that Leah and Corey take precautions to insure she doesn’t hit or head, and he recommends that she get back to using her power wheelchair. Leah reveals the wheelchair is being repaired and they should have it back in a week’s time.

After visiting with Dr. Tsao, Leah and Corey talk with hospital staff about changes to their home schedule.

“Have you guys had any changes in custody paperwork?” social worker Nicole asks.

“They’re with him Monday through Friday,” Leah says, “and then me Friday through Monday.” Leah then reveals that she and Corey are heading back to court on January 27.

“I thought it was February,” says Corey.

“It’s January now,” Leah clarifies.

The social worker continues: “And what is that court hearing for?”

Leah responds that it is for some sort of custody stuff. (I could not discern exactly what she says before “custody stuff.”)

“You guys able to manage so far?” Nicole asks before laughing a little awkwardly. Her laughter is met with silence from Leah and Corey.

“Kailyn and Javi’s tearful goodbye”

This scene opens with Javi packing up with Kail, Isaac, and Lincoln hanging out with him in a hotel room. “Do you know when you are going to be able to call us?” Kail asks. “Or not really?”

“As soon as I figure out my schedule, I guess,” Javi replies.

“Well, we’ll be waiting,” Kail says as she rocks the always-adorbs Lincoln in her arms.

“I’ll call you as soon as I can,” Javi assures her.

The foursome head outside the hotel and Kail gives Javi a monster bear hug as she shares some reassuring words — seemingly for both Javi and for herself. Isaac looks on tearfully. “It’s gonna be good,” she says. “Stay strong. Six months is going to fly by, OK? Just keep your head up. Just go to the gym when you’re bored. Go to the gym when you’re missing us. Keep yourself busy. OK?”

Javi’s tears start really flowing. “You’re my best friend,” he says.

“Jenelle confronts Nathan”

Jenelle meets up with Nathan at a restaurant to talk about custody of their son, Kaiser.

“Where’s Kai?” Nathan asks after Jenelle sits down.

“He’s at the daycare,” she says.

“I really wish my son was here so I could see him, “Nathan reveals, “because I know he misses his daddy.” There is a silent pause before both Jenelle and Nathan begin to speak at the same time. Nathan accuses Jenelle of parental alienation, but she interrupts him.

“If you have anything for him,” says Jenelle, “you should just prove it to me and then I’ll let you see him.” Nathan laughs sarcastically. “Easy as that,” she adds.

Teen Mom 2 Jenelle and Nathan quote

Jenelle asks Nathan if he has a high chair. He says he does, then things escalate with more of both of them talking over each other. Nathan gets frustrated, stands up, and begins to leave as he tells Jenelle, “Have a nice day, OK?”

“You don’t want to talk about your son?” Jenelle asks.

“I want to see my son,” says Nathan, “and if you’re holding my son away from me –”

Jenelle interrupts. “We’re trying to see what you have and what you don’t have for him.”

Check out the full new episode of Teen Mom 2 Monday night at 10/9c on MTV!

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