Tamra Judge’s wedding photos of her children – why weren’t they on Tamra’s OC Wedding?

Tamra Judge family photo with Ryan, Spencer, Sophia, Eddie Judge, Tamra Judge, and Sidney
^ Tamra Judge family photo including (from left to right) son Ryan, son Spencer, daughter Sophia, husband Eddie Judge, Tamra Judge, and daughter Sidney.

The Real Housewives of Orange County‘s Tamra Barney Judge is right in the middle of her three-episode spin-off mini-series Tamra’s OC Wedding as fans get an extended look at all the work (and drama) that went on behind the scenes to create Tamra and Eddie’s beautiful wedding ceremony. But, viewers won’t be able to see one vital part of the ceremony and Tamra’s special day: her children!

Tamra Barney shared all of the beautiful pictures included in this post on Facebook and captioned this next photo, “scene from the wedding you will NOT see on Tamra’s OC Wedding. (The kids were cut out of the final footage).” Tamra then added, “Eddie’s vows to the kids were so sweet the kids had tears in their eyes…Even Ryan.”

Tamra Barney's children at her wedding

When a commenter asked, “Why were they cut out?” Tamra responded by writing, “[My ex-husband] Simon would not sign off of them being shown…of course !!!”

It’s going to be interesting to see how Bravo handles this obstacle given that Tamra’s children played such a vital role in the ceremony. Tamra’s youngest daughter Sophia was the flower girl:

Tamra Barney's daughter Sophia was a flower girl at her wedding

Tamra captioned this next picture, “Sophia hugging me during the ceremony .. tears of joy.”

Tamra Judge and her daughter Sophia at Tamra's wedding

And here is Tamra’s other daughter Sidney, who was a bridesmaid, walking arm-in-arm with her brother Spencer, who was a groomsman during the ceremony:

Tamra Barney's son Spencer and daughter Sidney at her wedding

Speaking of arm-in-arm, here is Tamra with her oldest son Ryan Vieth:

Tamra Barney walks with son Ryan Vieth on her wedding day

Tamra used the photo of herself and Ryan to share some sage advice she recently received from him:

After a great workout and talk with Ryan I have decided to take advice from my son. “Mom keep it positive, let it go and HE will go away” at that moment I realized I have raised a great boy. I love you Ryan!

Strong really is the new skinny!

Though you won’t get to see Tamra’s kids, you can see Tamra, Eddie, and lots of familiar faces from The Real Housewives of Orange County tonight and next Monday night on Tamra’s OC Wedding at 8/7c on Bravo!

And speaking of what you will get to see, check out this amazing photo of newlyweds Tamra Judge and Eddie Judge during their first dance, which Tamra described by writing “our first dance was done alone…it was time for us to take it all in before we greeted our guest. We later performed the Cha-Cha at the reception.”

Tamr and Eddie Judge share their first dance after their wedding

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