Tamra Barney says “F*** YOU STAR MAGAZINE!” over Housewives bikini spread

Tamra Barney blasts Star magazine and their photo spread Real Housewives Bikini Blowout

The Real Housewives of Orange County‘s Tamra Barney has never been one to pull any punches, so you can imagine her reaction to Star magazine’s two-page spread titled “Real Housewives Bikini Blowout” (above) featuring photos of numerous real housewives (including Tamra) along with lots of harsh criticisms nitpicking various aspects of their appearances. Here’s what Tamra posted on Facebook about the “article:”

@star_news you are the reason woman feel horrible about themselves, low self esteem and have eating disorders. your recent article is juvenile and you make me sick! To take a three year old unflattering picture and post it in your current issue makes you look stupid (do your homework)! To make fun of the way a woman looks…… just makes you an assh0le!

Ladies always remember……. STRONG is the new SKINNY!

No need to buy their latest issue here is a picture.

Some examples of Star‘s Pulitzer worthy journalism included:

Kim Zolciak, 34
It must be comforting to pro football player Kroy Biermann to know that if his team, the Atlanta Falcons, is ever short an offensive lineman, his brawny wife, Kim, could step in.

NeNe Leakes, 45
She’s on a roll — make that rolls. NeNe has turned her reality TV stardom into gigs on network series Glee and The New Normal, but she may already be overexposed!

But being overweight isn’t the only thing the unrealistic “perfectionists” at Star jump on in the spread, they also go after a couple girl for being underweight. In addition to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Taylor Arstrong, they had this to say about former New York City housewife Kelly:

Kelly Killoren Bensimon, 44
One of the model-turned-author’s four books is I Can Make You Hot. But can someone please make Kelly stop pumping iron and start chomping cookies!

So what did they have to say about Tamra? Using a photo of her backside in blue two-piece bikini (from the same set as the pictures we were so fond of), they have added a graphic pointing to the back of her left thigh which reads “Cottage Cheeks” followed by this:

Tamra Barney, 45
“Housewives come younger, but they don’t come hotter,” Tamra said after joining the Orange County crew. Confidence is definitely sexy — but a dimpled tush and thighs? Not so much.

Wow! Tamra is 100% right on this one!

But that wasn’t the end of Tamra’s Starcasm! Soon after her first post, she shared this more recent post-breast-implant-removal photo of herself and Eddie Judge as a figurative “F you” to the rag along with an accompanying literal statement just in case there was any confusion. “F**K YOU STAR MAGAZINE!” she wrote in all caps.

Tamra Barney bikin iphoto after breast reduction surgery

She later tweeted some more recent photos of herself and her hunky fiance Eddie Judge posing for an engagement photo shoot as an addendum to her social media middle finger:

Tamra Barney and fiance Eddie Judge in sexy engagement photo

Eddie Judge and Tamra Barney topless photo celebrating their engagement and upcoming wedding

I checked the Twitter accounts of all the other ladies featured in the spread, but so far no reaction. Perhaps they’re just not wanting to dignify it with a response. (I like Tamra’s method better!)