Tabatha Coffey grew up with mobsters and drag queen strippers!

Tabatha Coffey
Tabatha Coffey is one of our major crushes at! It’s that no-nonsense, ball-busting attitude surrounding a very sweet and caring center that gets us. Plus, she’s hot! A new iteration of her salon takeover show called Tabatha Takes Over (airing Tuesdays 10/9c) follows Tabatha taking over everything from salons to yogurt shops, and all kinds of other businesses. Tabatha knows hair, but the true value of what she brings to salons is a keen business sense and emphasis on customer service, which can be used to turn around ANY business.

Like many interesting people, Tabatha did not have a boring childhood. In fact, the now-fit hairdresser-guru was once overweight, and grew up around drag queen strippers and mobsters!

In her memoir It’s Not Really About the Hair: The Honest Truth About Life, Love, and the Business of Beauty Tabatha gave all the deets on her less-than conventional childhood in Adelaide, Australia.

Tabatha’s parents owned three upscale transgender strip clubs in Adelaide, Australia: Jeremiah, La Belle, and Crazy Horse. Tabatha spend most of her childhood hanging around the clubs, and admiring “the most beautiful women I had ever seen. Even without a stitch of clothing, they were totally convincing. While a lot of them had already undergone sex changes, the ones who still had their wedding tackle were adept at tucking their balls into their abdomens and taping their pens!ses into their Arses and concealing it all with mascara.”

Tabatha’s parents had to deal with a mobbed up area, and their strip clubs got tied up with Australia’s “biggest mobster” Abe Saffron a.k. “Mr. Sin.” According to Tabatha Mr. Sin already pretty much ran Sydney’s red-light

district King’s Cross, and had his own transgender strip club there. Before Tabatha’s parents moved to Abelaide, they had a club at King’s Cross, and also a coffee shop where Saffron’s girls would go to change because it was against the law to walk around in drag in public at that time. Eventually Mr. Sin himself “walked into the coffee shop one day, and that was that–my parents were in business with a mobster.” To Tabatha, though, he was just her “Uncle Abe.” Tabatha did witness one episode where one of Abe’s men was about to slam a wooden board with nails sticking out of it into a man’s hands, but Abe told him to “take this to another room” because Tabatha was there.

The drag queens Tabatha grew up around taught her how to love herself, and helped cultivate that brash honest spirit we’ve come to love on her show “One of the many things I learned from growing up around those queens was that you have to march to the beat of your own drum and f**k anyone who doesn’t like the rhythm.”

We like your rhythm, Tabatha, keep it up.

Here’s a preview clip of tonight’s episode of Tabitha Takes Over:

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