South Dakota’s GOP candidate Kristi Noem has a speeding problem

South Dakota GOP candidate Kristi Noem

In yet another example of wacky state politics the Democratic Party of South Dakota has published a website dedicated to GOP candidate Kristi Noem’s driving record.  Before you get to too much bellyaching the lady does have a legendary lead foot!  Let’s see if her speeding ways are worthy of all the attention they’re getting.

The website is and it’s laid out like a wanted poster.  On the site is a list of her behind-the-wheel violations and links to a number of negative articles about her infractions.  Here is the devastating DMV break down of the fast-driving right-leaning lady from South Dakota.

– Warrants issued for her arrest: 2

– Times Noem failed to appear in court: 6

– Total fines paid: Over $2,100.00

– Total violations: 28

The site goes on to make the following statement about Kristi Noem and her need for speed:

Noem repeatedly breaks the law when she gets behind the wheel. She has nearly 30 total known violations, including 20 speeding tickets – many at very high rates of speed. Even though it’s added up to thousands of dollars worth of fines and endangered herself, her passengers and others, she hasn’t changed. Most recently, she received a ticket in February for driving 94 miles per hour.

In addition to her habitual speeding habit, she also has a troubling history of simply ignoring the laws of South Dakota, and failing to answer for the punishment she receives. Her pattern demonstrates not only a reckless disregard for the law, but a belief that the laws that every other South Dakotan lives by simply don’t matter.

It’s clear that Kristi Noem thinks the rules don’t apply to her.

Noem is currently in a battle with Democrat Stephanie Herseth Sandlin for the lone House seat in South Dakota.

I was able to find the following ironic video posted by Noem that was filmed in a moving vehicle while she was out hitting the road for votes.  During the clip she refers to herself in third person and introduces her driver Beth who looks like she might be a little bit less of the speedster type.  But Noem does mention that it’s ol’ Beth’s job to make sure she gets to her scheduled appointments on time so who knows!

So what do you think about Noem’s driving record?  Should it even matter in the light of so many more pressing issues or does it reflect an above-the-law elitist attitude?  And exactly how long was Beth staring at the camera there in that clip instead of the road.  Perhaps this should be a referendum on women drivers instead!  Time to go make a website.