SNL VIDEOS Ke$ha performs TiK ToK and Your Love Is My Drug

Ke$ha performs in fluorescent paint on SNL

Ke$ha was the musical act on the April 17 episode of Saturday Night Live and the young blond hottie performed two visually jaw-dropping numbers: her smash hit “TiK ToK” and the newer “Your Love Is My Drug.”

For the former Ke$ha dressed in a shimmering super-hero body suit and matching silver cape with an American flag lining that matched the flag flying from the mic stand. In an attempt to rival the stage theatrics of Lady Gaga, her band was wearing over-sized astronaut headgear and shimmery body suits of their own while Ke$ha tiKKed and toKKed and repeatedly did the squeaky arm robot move. Here are a couple screen captures from the performance and then the video – click the top photo to see a larger image:

Ke$ha performs Tik Tok  with lasers on SNL
Singer Ke$ha performing “TiK ToK” on Saturday Night Live

Kesha's patriotic costume during Tik Tok from SNL
Ke$ha gets patrioTiK ToK on Saturday Night Live

During the second number, Ke$ha mated Avatar with Momenchance and appeared in a pitch black bodysuit with fluorescent paint all over her body and face with large feathers protruding from her back. Once again we’ll start with a photo (or two) and then the video:

Ke$ha full body shot from her performance of Your Love Is My Drug on SNL
Ke$ha wears Native American fluorescent face paint on Saturday Night Live
Ke$ha’s fluorescent Native American costume for “Your Love Is My Drug”

While watching both of these performances I could only imagine Lady Gaga watching from home and saying to herself, “Lord I hope the public can tell the difference between this and what I’m trying to do.”

I sure could LG.

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