Simon Cowell being sued for being Simon Cowell

Photo by: Quasar/ 2010 5/26/10 Simon Cowell at the 2010 American Idol Season 9 Grand Finale. (Los Angeles, CA) Photo via Newscom

Emma Amelia Pearl Czikai, 52, a previous contestant on Britain’s Got Talent is suing Simon Cowell for being mean to her while commenting on her performance during a taping of the show.  In other words, she is suing Simon for being Simon.  Cziaki, who claims her vocals have brought listeners to tears in a good way, cites the following reasons for the litigation:

“This program makes a select number of rich people very, very rich on the backs of the ordinary man and woman in the street through exploitation, humiliation, degradation and a re-emergence of modern-day barbarism with all its inherent cruelty.”

I doubt she’ll have any luck in court but with that type of everyman talk I bet she could make a succesful run for political office here in the states.  While representing herself in this lawsuit she also claims that the show is guilty of disability discrimination because it failed to make adjustments for her such as lowering the level of backing music and microphone levels.

Here is the video of her performance and the reactions of the judges including Cowell:

“Emma, it is a beautiful song when you’re not singing it.” – Simon Cowell

A pre-trial review will be held to decide if there will be a full hearing.   The former nurse is seeking, along with unwarranted attention and fame, £300,000 for injured feelings, compensation of £1 million and loss of earnings of £1.25 million.  Cziak has stated that she will disperse any awarded money to charity.

I have to give credit to this lady, she has placed me fully on the side of Simon Cowell and that’s not an easy thing to do.  Could you imagine the lawyers that would come out of the woodwork if she actually won?  There’s an army of talentless people that Cowell has destroyed that I’m sure would love to get a little monetary revenge.

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Top Photo: Newscom