Seven young teen girls got pregnant on a school trip, parents blamed

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During a five-day school trip to their nation’s capital Sarajevo, seven Bosnian girls from ages 13-14 got pregnant. While the parents are upset that there was not better supervision during the trip, Nenad Babici, national coordinator for reproductive health of Bosnia, blames the parents for not educating them about sexual health.

A total of 28 girls went on the week-long trip to visit museums and historically significant sites. Soon after returning home, the seven girls who got pregnant on the trip dropped out of school, and their parents are furious that something like this was able to happen.

Senad Mehmedbasic, a Sarajevo gynecologist, commented on the growing number of teen pregnancies in Bosnia. “That is the trend of today. But we cannot continue to allow our children to be educated about sex on the street and not in school,” he said. He thinks parents and schools should offer better sex education to teenagers. “It is obvious that children do not have enough knowledge of health education, so they engage in such activities, not knowing the consequences. We have to be more direct in the educational system, it must not be allowed that street teaches children about intimate matters, and that they are later slapped by life.”

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