Sandra Bullock’s son is a ‘little dictator,’ but also her ‘dream man’

Sandra Bullock son Louis

There is only one man in Sandra Bullock’s life who matters — which is good because he just happens to demand all of her attention.

“My little dictator controls my life,” Sandra told Bild, a German newspaper, of her 3-year-old son, Louis. “When Louis came along I had nothing. I still would have dreamed, but now he is my only dream, to grow old with my son. I will love it to watch him grow. Every day when I wake up, I say that to myself.”

Sandra, who is fluent in German, added that Louis has shifted her priorities “1000 percent.”

Sandra initially began the adoption process with Jesse James. However, when his multiple affairs were revealed in shortly after she won an Academy Award 2010, she decided to forge ahead as a single parent.

“I did the only thing I could do, and that was to pack enough clothes to live on, get all of Louis’ things and get out of town. My main concern was Louis,” Sandra revealed to People Magazine at the time.

Now the sole guardian of an active toddler, Sandra described her “sexy” schedule: “7:45 I drive him to school. Back home. Work out. Computer. Phone calls. Back to school. Lunch. Then swimming class or anything else. Then it is time for a bath. He goes to bed and I’m going to bed.”

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