VIDEO Jasmine Fiore murder suspect Ryan Alexander Jenkins’ escape boat towed


Here is video footage of Ryan Alexander Jenkins’ boat being towed by the Coast Guard from Point Roberts. Point Roberts is a U.S. territory sharing a border with Canada located approximately 10 miles off the coast of Washington state. The boat was brought to the mainland town of Blaine, Washington, where Jenkins’ SUV was left at a marina.

Police tell TMZ they believe Jenkins drove his boat to Blaine, put it in the water at a local marina there, then drove the boat to Point Roberts, at which point he crossed the border into Canada on foot. Ryan Alexander Jenkins has officially been charged with murder in the death of his wife model Jasmine Fiore. His return to his home country of Canada means he will not be extradited back to the US if he is charged with an offense that could result in the death penalty.

I tried desperately to figure out the name on the back of his boat. I think it starts with “Night” but I can’t figure out the second word, thoguh it does appear to end in “-er.” Anyone got a guess? Here’s a still image from the video to help you out:

The name of Ryan Alexander Jenkins boat

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