Rumor: Tom Cruise is trying to get Elisabeth Moss to be his next wife


According to The National Enquirer (via Celebitchy) Elisabeth Moss (31) is the latest young actress to be courted by Tom Cruise (51.) It seems like speculation, but with the stories we’ve heard about the Scientology romance procedures, anything is plausible. It helps that Elisabeth is a second generation Scientologist too.

The Enquirer’s source says “Lizzie is beautiful, smart, and a little quirky. She can hold her own in the spotlight, and marrying Tom would be good for both their careers. She has no children of her own and would be an ideal candidate to have one with Tom.”

Since Tom’s divorce from Katie Holmes in 2012, he’s been linked to another fellow Scientologist, Laura Prepon, but apparently that didn’t work out.

Elisabeth has recently spoken out about her short yet “traumatizing” marriage to comedian Fred Armisen. Her long stint with Mad Men is ending this year, so she’s no doubt looking for other avenues for her career. Do you think there’s any weight to this rumor that she’s being romance by Tom?

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