Rosie O’Donnell responds after teen daughter is found safe

Rosie O'Donnell's Daughter Found

Chelsea O’Donnell, 17, was found safe on Tuesday, hours after mom Rosie O’Donnell issued a plea for help in tracking down the teen.

Sgt. Daniel Wilson of the South Nyack-Grand View Police Department told the New York Daily News that Chelsea was found in New Jersey with an unidentified male. The police were able to track Chelsea down through “third-party contacts” and “associates that she has.”

Rosie said Chelsea was in need of medical attention, though Sgt. Wilson said he didn’t believe that was true.

“She was of sound mind and body. She was lucid,” Sgt. Wilson said. “She did not have any injuries. She declined any medical attention.”

Sgt. Wilson added that the investigation is ongoing, but “there appears to be no criminality.” He said Rosie and Chelsea didn’t fight immediately before the teen left home, but have a turbulent relationship.


After Chelsea was found, Rosie said she was still troubled by everything–including the details about Chelsea being with a man. “She does not have friends. She’s really not well,” Rosie told The NY Daily News. “Seven days she’s been gone, and she’s very mentally ill. It has not been easy, for any mother of a child with mental illness, or all the siblings.”

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