Rihanna poses for elegant poolside bikini photos in Greece

Rihanna twerking in a bikini in Greece

For those art historians wondering what the long-lost Aphrodite of Knidos by ancient Greek sculptor Praxiteles may have looked like, art appreciator Rihanna has offered up her best guess in the form of the photo below in which this modern-day Venus Pudica (“modest Venus”) transforms Mount Olympus into Mounting Polempus as the 25-year-old singer does some bikini-clad inverted twerking on a poolside pole in Greece.

Rihanna twerking upside down in a bikini in Greece

Rihanna posted the picture on instagram earlier today and captioned it, “She x Visvim realne$$ #greece” I can’t read Greek so I have no idea what that means.

In addition to the Miley Aphrodite pose above, Rihanna also struck some more conventional bikini poses as photographers Steven Gomillion and Dennis Leupold (or just one of them — I’m not sure) snapped away! Most of them didn’t have much in the way of captions, but this next one was accompanied by, “She smokin rebel flowers in Greece!!! By @gomillionandleupold”

Rihanna smoking a flower in Greece wearing a bikini

And here are the rest of the Rihanna Greekini pics — just click to enlarge!

Rihanna Greece bikini tattoos photo

Rihanna Greece bikini flower border  Rihanna Greece bikini black and white  Rihanna Greece bikini flower bg

Rihanna Greece bikini poolside  Rihanna Greece bikini pool photo

Rihanna Greece bikini pool 2

Photos: instagram

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