Rachel Bilson bikini photos from Barbados

The O.C. actress Rachel Bilson was photographed frolicking about on the beaches of Barbados earlier today in a sexy red two-piece.

Barbados? More like Bar-BABE-dos! Good gracious! Writing about celebrities causes me to fall in love about four times a day, but I think this may be serious. (Sorry Heather Morris, but I’m going to have to end our short-lived affair after only a few hours.) (Danielle Colby – I’d prefer to keep our thing going if that’s possible.)

Rachel was reportedly on vacation with her boyfriend (and former fiance) Hayden Christensen, but I’m going to pretend it isn’t true. Oh and in case you were wondering if it was just the bikini talking, here is proof that Rachel Bilson looks fantastic soaking wet in formal attire as well!

Rachel Bilson from The O.C. soaking wet in a pool
^ Photo: Viki Forshee for Vanity Fair

(Notice I didn’t say anything about a camel toe in that top picture, which just demonstrates my level of commitment here!)

Rachel Bilson Bikini Photos: Islandpaps / Splash News