REPORT Roberto Martinez turns down ‘The Bachelor’ for model girlfriend Kara Ramos

Roberto Martinez turns down the Bachelor

Roberto Martinez was set to become the next star of The Bachelor — at least he was rumored to be in the running along with Sean Lowe, of Emily Maynard’s season. However, a new romance has him backtracking on the whole thing!

Roberto captured the heart of Ali Fedotowsky on her season of The Bachelorette, but after an 18-month engagement, the two called it quits. They had been struggling in their relationship for months, but kept trying to make it work. At the time of their break up, Ali admitted, “At the end of the day, we both realized we were unhappy more than we were happy and we both deserved more.”

A few months after their split, Roberto was once again thrust into the spotlight — this time announcing that he was in talks to become the next star of The Bachelor! Rumors circulated for weeks about his possible stint on the show, including a report that he wanted nearly $1 million to appear. Whether or not that was true, we may never know. Either way, he has now opted out!

Star Magazine reports that producers were willing to cough up a whopping $500,000 to Roberto to seal the deal and name him The Bachelor, but he isn’t interested. He’s found love on his own terms with 26-year-old model, Kara Ramos. A friend of Roberto’s tells Star, “Roberto’s heart overruled his wallet – and he’s turned down the offer and instead will try and make a go of a new romance.”

Kara is also speaking out about their romance and reveals, “We both really like each other.” The two had been juggling their long-distance relationship (she lives in Connecticut, and he lives in California) when Kara got word that he was going to be starring as The Bachelor. She was totally caught off guard. “When I found out he was going to be the next Bachelor, I canceled my visit. It was really hard on me.”

“Kara was crushed when she found out, and Roberto felt so bad that he offered to reimburse her for her plane tickets,” the friend adds. “She’s really attracted to him, but she was afraid of becoming too attached – and then seeing him meet someone else on the show.”

Fortunately for Kara, she won’t have to worry. Roberto has such strong feelings for Kara that even $500,000 isn’t enough to pry him away! “Roberto already knows what it takes to have a love relationship played out on national television, and he’d rather have his privacy now with a girl he’s really crazy about.”

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