PHOTOS Kendall Jenner reportedly secretly dating Julian Brooks for a year

Is Kendall Jenner dating Julian Brooks?

Kendall Jenner’s sister Kylie is always making headlines when it comes to her relationship with Jaden Smith, but Kendall has managed to keep her private life private. In fact, Kendall has done such a good job in keeping things under wraps that she’s reportedly been able to carry on a relationship for an entire year without anyone even knowing!

Who is the mystery guy? His name is Julian Brooks and he met Kendall while attending Sierra Canyon School.

“They are each other’s first loves,” an insider tells Star Magazine.

Kendall Jenner kisses her boyfriend Julian Brooks

Currently, Julian is attending the University of Nevada where he serves as defensive back on their football team. Although he is just a freshman, critics have had nothing but good things to say about his talent and style, so don’t be surprised if this guy pops up in the NFL in a couple of years.

“Julian is a skilled athlete with excellent size and athletic ability,” a statement from the University of Nevada read following his signing. “He displayed a skill set in high school where he was a productive receiver, a playmaker as a defensive back and a physical football player in all phases of the game. We look forward to seeing what he can do in the spring as he is here on campus with us now.”

Julian Brooks and Kylie Jenner in Malibu for Fourth of July celebration

Earlier this month, Julian and Kendall were spotted together on the beaches of Malibu, celebrating the Fourth of July holiday with the Kardashian/Jenner family including sister Kylie and her rumored boyfriend Jaden. While paparazzi at the beach that day were able to get a few photos of the two together, they didn’t do much canoodling for the cameras. The sweet photo above is the only photo they got close for.

Although there has been no official confirmation from Kendall that she and Julian are in fact a couple, she did hint at it just one month ago when she tweeted, “happy birthday loveyy,” along with a photo of Julian on his birthday.

Still not convinced? Well, there’s one more major hint, and we’ll give it to you via screen shot. Below is a photo of an Instagram post Julian made in April in which he calls Kendall “mah chick.”

Julian Brooks posts sexy photo of Kylie Jenner

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