REPORT Adrienne Maloof dating Rod Stewart’s son Sean?!?

REPORT Adrienne Maloof dating Sean Stewart son of Rod Stewart

Guess who’s reportedly unleashing her inner cougar shortly after a messy divorce?! It’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Adrienne Maloof! It’s been six months since Paul Nassif filed for divorce from wife Adrienne and after months of abuse claims and a messy child custody battle, it looks like Adrienne is finally ready to move on… with singer Rod Stewart’s son, Sean Stewart!

According to a new report by In Touch Weekly, Adrienne and Sean were spotted getting touchy-feely during a recent dinner date at Hollywood hot spot Koi. A fellow diner claims, “It was really full-on PDA!”

“They looked really cute and comfortable together, definitely like they’ve known each other a long time,” the source recalls. “They were sitting really close and talking in each other’s ear and then ordered food to share.”

Adrienne, who’s divorce from Paul was finalized in November, is 51 while her rumored boy toy is just 32. While the two certainly do not have age in common, they both have starred on reality TV. Adrienne, of course, is currently starring in Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and Sean has appeared both in Sons of Hollywood as well as Celebrity Rehab. Perhaps he grew fond of being in front of the camera and saw “reality star” as an enticing entry on Adrienne’s already impressive resume?

I knew this post had to end with a Rod Stewart track, but it was hard to decide which one! “Tonight I’m Yours,” “Young Turks (Young Hearts),” “Forever Young,” “Infatuation” and “Some Guys Have All The Luck” all seemed appropriate, but in the end it just had to be the song I most enjoyed imagining Adrienne lip synching to as she put the Maloof moves on young Sean:

UPDATE: Hollywood Life has just spoke with Adrienne who commented on the story saying, “[Sean is] a very sweet person and very kind to my little boys.”

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