Miss Alabama Katherine Webb responds to comments made by announcer

Miss Alabama Katherine Webb on the BCS Championship game

Former Miss Alamaba Katherine Webb was spotlighted during Monday night’s BCS Championship football game when ESPN commentator Brent Musberger took it upon himself to discuss her obvious good looks. Katherine was at the game cheering on her boyfriend, Quarterback AJ McCarron, who led Alabama to victory over Notre Dame. The clip of the Brent’s comments instantly went viral and photos of Katherine circulated the web.

“What a beautiful woman! Wow! Whoa!,” the seventy-three-year-old Brent was heard saying when the beauty queen appeared on camera. Moments later, Katherine’s Twitter account skyrocketed from 2,000 followers to over 200k, surpassing her boyfriend who has 131k followers.

Earlier this morning, Katherine, who met her beau on Twitter just last month, took part in her first on-camera interview regarding the incident where she addressed Brent’s comments and the backlash he has received.

“I think the media has been really unfair to him. I think if he had said something along the line if we were hot or sexy, I think that wood be a little bit different,” Katherine explained to the Today Show‘s Matt Lauer. “The fact that he said we were beautiful and gorgeous, I don’t think any woman wouldn’t be flattered by that. I appreciate it, but at the same time I don’t think I needed an apology.”

And speaking of beautiful and gorgeous, here is a photo of from the Miss USA pageant preliminaries of Miss Alabama Katherine Webb in swimwear!

Miss Alabama Katherine Webb bikini photo from Miss USA swimwear competition

While Katherine may not need an apology, ESPN felt as though Brent was out of line in his comments and has issued a statement. “We always try to capture interesting storylines, and the relationship between an Auburn grad who is Miss Alabama and the current Alabama quarterback certainly met that test,” Mike Soltys, ESPN’s VP of Communications, said. “However, we apologize that the commentary in this instance went too far.”

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