Rapper Capo, baby killed during gang-related incident in Chicago

Capo Killed - Dillan Harris


The rapper Capo, a member of Chief Keef’s Glo Gang, was killed this weekend during a gang-related incident in Chicago. The suspects in his murder allegedly then struck and killed 13-month-old Dillan Harris while attempting to flee.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the 22-year-old rapper — who reportedly had gang ties — was gunned down on the city’s south side shortly before 2 p.m. on Saturday. A car that sped away from the shooting struck and killed the baby three miles away, where his mom was pushing him in a stroller.

“I was trying to save my baby,” Dillan’s mother told the Chicago Tribune, explaining she was with her two other children when the car hit a pole and swerved toward them. “I never imagined this would happen…My son gone so soon.”

Chicago police arrested 21-year-old Antoine Watkin in connection with the child’s death. Police said he is facing charges for “murder with a strong probability of death or injury,” fleeing or attempting to elude police, failing to carry or display a driver’s license, and operating a motor vehicle without insurance. The Tribune reported yesterday that one other person was in custody.

Following the incidents, Chief Keef announced he is creating the “Stop The Violence Now” foundation. He will appear via a hologram during a benefit concert on Friday. The proceeds will go to Chicago charities and the victims’ families.

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