PHOTO VIDEO Justin Bieber perched atop an SUV, waved to fans after jail release

Justin Bieber Released from Jail

Looks like the smiley mug shot of Justin Bieber wasn’t just a fluke… The singer really doesn’t seem to have a care in the world!

After posting his $2,500 bond at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center in Miami on Thursday, Justin perched atop a black SUV and waved to supporters.

An hour before his release, Justin appeared in Miami-Dade court to address his DUI, drag racing, resisting arrest and driving without a valid license charges. The court session was broadcast via a closed circuit video.

Justin made a fashion statement by rolling up the sleeves of his orange jail-issued jumpsuit, but let attorney Roy Black do the actual talking. (Worth noting: Roy’s married to Real Housewives of Miami‘s Lea Black. He previously represented Kelsey Grammer and Rush Limbaugh.)

After the hearing, Roy Black told the press, “This hopefully will proceed as any other case.”

Under Florida law, Justin faces jail time, community service and fines. He is also barred from renewing his license for at least six months.

One of the bigger issues the 19-year-old must contend with is his DUI: Although he only registered a 0.04 BAC, anything above a 0.02 BAC for a minor is a crime. Justin also admitted to being under the influence of drugs and prescription medications.

For now, Justin’s on his way back to California — where he’s still under investigation for “EggGate.”

One persistent question: Could Justin get deported to Canada? ABC News reports it’s possible his O-1 visa could get revoked.

“If ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) wanted to go after him, they could make a case,” said New York City immigration attorney Michael Wildes. “That and the eggs is opening files in multiple government agencies and states, and could make it more likely… If every week something else happens, the government will look at it.”

There is a new petition on on behalf of people who think the United States is getting “wrongly represented in the world of pop culture.”

On a possibly related note, Selena Gomez seemed to laugh off her ex-boyfriend’s legal problems. She was photographed today buying a drink and cigarettes in Tarzana, Calif.

Selena Gomez Cigarettes - Smoking

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