PHOTOS Zoe Saldana shows off baby bump for GMA appearance


While actress Zoe Saldana hasn’t officially confirmed her pregnancy, we’re gonna step out on a limb and do it for her after her appearance on GMA today.

The Guardians of the Galaxy star sported a form-fitting, rust colored dress that made no attempt at hiding her bumping baby bump. Reports have indicated that the 36-year-old is expecting her first baby with artist husband Marco Perego.

During Zoe’s interview she revealed that she spent a great deal of time deciding whether she wanted to take on the role of the green-skinned, half human – half alien warrior Gamora. She’s starred in similar other-worldly castings for hit films such as Avatar and Star Trek:

“It was difficult at first because I didn’t want to just do films that take place in space back to back. But they come in such beautiful packages with great filmmakers, great studios, and a great cast. It’s always a beautiful challenge for me and at the same time, I cannot deny I’ve always had an affinity for the unknown and imagining the unimaginable. So I thought, It would be stupid of me to pass on this amazing opportunity just out of fear of what others might think and for fear of being boxed. I thought I can always do other things and at the same time, it feels good to be in space.”


followed up on Us’ breaking news about Saldana’s pregnancy citing sources that say she’s not only Perego pregnant, but that she’s expecting twins. The original report indicated that Saldana is approximately 3-months along.

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