PHOTOS What Salma Hayek looks like really, really angry

Salma Hayek appears angry at her assistant on the set of Savages

We can now add “Salma Hayek’s personal assistant” to the list of the world’s most unenviable jobs. Salma was heading to the make up trailer between takes on the set of her new movie (appropriately titled Savages) when she had a brief and rather nasty conversation with her blond assistant just prior to auditioning for a tan version of She-Hulk:

A very angry Salma Hayek on the set of Savages

Guys call this the “forgotten anniversary face.” I didn’t realize it was sometimes used on other women! Hang in there assistant lady. And remember, if you’re ever in a truly desperate situation and Salma has you against the ropes and won’t let up, she has one weakness… Snakes!

(If you haven’t ssssseen SSSSSSalma’sssss hilarioussss run-in with a snake during her 2010 “Extra” interview you have to click on this link!)

One more photo to remind all you guys out there… don’t forget your anniversary!

What an angry Salma Hayek looks like

Oh well, what the heck! Just in case there are any Marvel execs out there checking this out, here’s your next super-heroine:

Actress Salma Hayek to play Marvel's She-Hulk?

(You’re welcome, Salma. Just give me 10% of your She-Hulk paycheck!)

Photos: Splash News

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