PHOTOS VIDEO Hayden Panettiere gets in a bikini and tells a joke for Esquire

Hayden Panettiere Esquire bikini photo

“Hello internet reader, what would you like to order today?”

“How about bikini photos of Hayden Panettiere with a joke on the side?”

“No problem,” says Esquire magazine.

Nashville's Juliette Barnes actress Hayden Panettiere bikini photo

As sexy blonde crooner Juliette Barnes on ABC’s Nashville, 23-year-old actress Hayden Panettiere pwns the small screen as the most dangerous and destructive vixen country music has seen since Billy Joe Shaver’s “Black Rose.” Hayden opens up in the January issue of Esquire about how difficult it was playing the uberbitchy Barnes opposite Connie Britton’s good-hearted old-school country crooner character Rayna James, telling the magazine, “I kept apologizing after my first scene with Connie, saying, ‘I don’t mean it!'”

But Hayden has since gotten use to the role, which includes numerous scenes in which she sings (pretty darn well too!). “It’s fun,” she says. “You get permission to be openly nasty and get away with it.”

The feature is part of Esquire‘s “Funny Joke From A Beautiful Woman” column, and as such, Hayden strips down to a bikini to show her “Beautiful Woman” qualifications, then tells a “funny” joke. (Esquire includes an asterisk with the word and warns below, “*Esquire cannot guarantee that this joke will be funny to everyone.”) Above are a couple of the Hayden Panettiere bikini photos, and here is her joke:

I gotta confess I didn’t see that punchline coming 🙂 And extra points to Hayden for making a musical joke!

Pick up the January issue of Esquire or hop over to for more Hayden Panettiere bikini photos and jokes!

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