PHOTOS The Unpoppable’s Katie Balloons does ‘balloon burlesque’

Katie Balloons topless

On Monday nights the 3 person team that comprise the cast of The Unpoppables take balloon art to the next level attempting all kinds of amazing feats in the field of inflated latex craftification.  It’s an enjoyable show to watch except for one consistently distracting detail.  What could distract a man from the simple enjoyment of balloons and reality TV you ask?  Well its the mega-crush I have on super fine balloonoligist Katie Balloons!

I watch and my mind drifts off dreaming of Katie and I floating away together on a balloon yacht she made for me and then making our way to a deserted island where all we would have is each other and a few cartons of heavy duty pliable balloons.

Well this borderline obsession led me to do some research on my bonnie Kate and I stumbled upon the wonderful existence of something my mind was unable to previously fathom, balloon burlesque!  Sometimes life gives you much more than lemons, it can go as far as providing you with video footage of Katie Balloons, previously Katie Laibstain, doing balloon burlesque.  I am so grateful.

Katie is actually a balloon artist of a thousand talents.  We’ll get to the burlesque action but first I would like to mention that she also does children’s parties, has her own gig as a Marilyn Monroe impersonator in which the act features, what else, balloons and she’s also been a successful businesswoman even before her casting on The Unpoppables.  To sum it up Katie Balloons is darn near perfect!  Here’s a video of Katie as Marilyn followed by a couple of screen grabs to grab your attention:

Katie Balloons as Marilyn Monroe introduces a crowd participant to her “balloons.”

Katie Balloons as KatieDoesMarilyn

Well you have to use your mouth to blow balloons right Miss Balloons?

Katie Balloons blows well as Marilyn Monroe

Wow I can’t believe there is so much more because my laptop screen is already getting all steamed up!  Here is Katie’s bio via her official website:

At the impressionable age of 7, little Katie Laibstain received a balloon twisting kit for her birthday. She took to balloons like a duck to water — Katie even made some balloon ducks, as well as the requisite dogs and giraffes. But after running out of balloons, Katie forgot her new hobby and flitted off to dance class and other creative pursuits. It would be 15 years before she twisted another balloon, but throughout her childhood and adolescence Katie continued to sculpt with more traditional mediums. She had no idea that the brief balloon encounter of her youth would be the beginning of her life’s work.

As a teen, Katie discovered her gifts as a performer. She impressed her teachers and peers with boundless energy and a natural command of the stage. Rather than taking on typical teenager jobs, Katie sang for tips in her local coffee shop. After graduating from high school, Katie moved to Richmond, Va., to train as an actor. She spent four years honing her improvisational skills, comedic timing, and ability to interact with an audience as a cast member of Mystery Dinner Theater. She also worked as a solo performer with The Carpenter Science Theater Company at the Science Museum of Virginia, where she crafted original multi-character stories for all-age crowds.


Though Katie enjoyed acting, she wasn’t completely fulfilled. A chance encounter with local balloon artist Mike Klee made Katie realize that balloon twisting could allow her to combine all of her passions. By apprenticing with Klee, attending conferences, and applying herself tirelessly to learning the art and magic of balloon twisting, Katie has transformed herself into a true balloon artist. Now, she can make anything out of brightly-colored, air filled orbs — ball gowns, menorahs, ballerinas — you name it. At the same time, she can command the rapt attention of teens or two-year-olds with her stage shows that involve color, whimsy and even diving headfirst into an enormous balloon.

Since discovering her talent and passion for balloon twisting and performance, Katie has taken her show on the road: thrilling audiences across the United States and abroad, including the Kim Tom Clown Festival in Shanghai and the Powhattan Plantation Family Resort in Williamsburg, Va. In addition to working on national television, Katie’s show and her balloon sculptures have brought color to many parties and events, especially in the Washington D.C. and Los Angeles areas.

Now on with the balloon burlesque so that the world might know of its awesome and sexy power!  First up is a video that Katie posted to YouTube simply labeled, “Katie’s take on the strip tease.” This will also be followed by a few images from the clip because I’m a professional too.

I’m wishing there was a river I could Kate away on….

Katie Balloons doing balloon burlesque

Oh yeah and then there was that gigantic yellow balloon too!

Katie Balloons of Unpoppables during a balloon strip tease routine

One more video to go in this heart-stopping exploration of the beautiful world that is Katie Balloons and balloon burlesque dancing.  Katie made an appearance on the revamped version of The Gong Show and performed a routine that would stop a truck in its tracks.  Host Dave Attell has his face melted Charlie Sheen style as do the judges. I was left speechless as any other red blooded man or woman who likes women should be.

There is no nudity but this is borderline Not SFW and you may have to sign up to view it because of the content ( I had to register).  If that’s too much of a hassle I say shame on you but I’ll provide stills following the clip anyways out of respect to Queen Balloons.

That has to be one of the four or five most awesome things I have ever witnessed.  Here are the stills as promised.  I love my job.

Katie Balloons strip tease

And now lets get down to the business at hand.  Miss Katie Balloons, blow balloons and minds please!

Thank you Katie Balloons for all that you do and keep up the good work on The Unpoppables which airs Monday nights on TLC at 8PM EST.