PHOTOS + SPOILER After seeing Jade Roper’s Playboy shoot does Chris Soules send her home?

Jade Roper and Chris Soules The Bachelor

On this season of The Bachelor, Iowa boy Chris Soules seems to be falling for Nebraska neighbor Jade Roper. But, will that change this week when the beautiful brunette admits she posed nude for Playboy?

“A couple years ago, I did some nude modeling for Playboy,” Jade tells Carly Waddell in a preview, adding she’s worried it may pose a problem.

Jade Elizabeth Playboy

According to Reality Steve, Jade actually stripped all the way down for a 3-minute “Playboy Amateurs” video under the name Jade Elizabeth. (Several not SFW stills are easily discoverable with a Google search.)

The Bachelor's Jade Roper Playboy

However, having posed nude isn’t the most troubling thing about Jade’s past. Reality Steve added she also has a criminal record in her home state for driving under the influence and a few theft charges that were ultimately dismissed — although Chris really doesn’t have room to judge considering he’s had his own troubles with the law.

Now for a spoiler about how Chris reacted to Jade’s news…

The Bachelor's Jade Elizabeth for Playboy

Reality Steve got video that shows Jade getting sent home after the hometown dates.

For information on who Chris eventually picked (and proposed to), check out our finale spoiler!

The Bachelor‘s two-night even starts Sunday at 8/7c on ABC.

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