PHOTOS Michelle Obama action figure dolls

The Michelle Obama action figure dolls from Jailbreak Toys

If you have a person on your shopping list that is a little too mature for a Zhu Zhu Pets Hamster or a $95  Homeless Gwen American Girls doll, then you might want to look at getting him or her the third hottest gift of the 2009 Christmas season, a Michelle Obama action figure!

There are three different versions of Michelle Obarbie in three different dresses with sleeveless tops (of course!). The first is the infamous black and red “cowkiller” dress she wore on election night. The purple dress is the same one she wore on the day of the infamous fist bump during the campaign and it’s also the one featured, in illustrated form, on the cover of the Obama issue of Spiderman. Lastly, there is the black and white outfit Michelle wore on The View during her husband’s campaign.

Here is the description from

If there’s one person in America who has captured the public’s imagination even more than Barack Obama, it’s his wife Michelle. So following the runaway success of the Obama Action Figure we simply had to make Michelle because Barack and Michelle are a team in the best and truest sense of the word and you can’t have one without the other.

Just like in real life, the Michelle Obama Action Figure isn’t simply be a female counterpart to Barack. She’s her own lady with her own style and energy and, of course, her own fashion sense.

The dolls will be available for purchase November 20, but you might want to pre-order yours now to guarantee you get one!

The figures follow on the heels of the New York toy company’s hugely successful Barack Obama action figure, and famously not-so-successful John McCain action figure. (You might remember Conan O’Brien receiving 6,000 McCain dolls from the company and giving them away by the trash bag full on his show. Sadly, it seems all video evidence of these events have been erased from the internet!)

Here is a lovely photo of the first couple:

The Michelle Obama and Barack Obama action figure dolls from Jailbreak Toys