PHOTOS Lady Gaga puts modern spin on Mad Men in revealing retro white lace look

Lady Gaga wears a sexy white lace see through top in London

The Gagarazzi were on hand to snap some pics of the Mother Monster as she exited a London hotel on her way to the ITV studios earlier today.

The planet’s foremost avant-garde fashionista did little to disappoint as she wore a lacy white see-through top with matching white mini skirt, gloves, fur stole, and surreal horn-rimmed eyewear. So as to not be completely colorless, Lady Gaga slapped on an intimidating pair of junior high school seafoam green wall paint colored high heels and matched the shade with tints in her otherwise blond retro Snooki pouf hairdo. (And is that green blush?!?)

Lady Gaga in a revealing white lace outfit on her way to the ITV studios in London

For me Lady Gaga had a bad fashion stretch back there right about the time Born This Way came out, during which I thought perhaps the days of Gaga’s outrageous outfits consistently bringing a smile to my face were over. (To be honest, the same could be said for her music at the time as her first two singles left me just as underwhelmed.)

But, whatever disconnect there was between her wardrobe and my sense of wonder has since been repaired as I can once again look forward to seeing the next batch of avant-Gagarde photos fully expecting a smile to appear on my face, just after forming the word “wow” of course.

Let’s take a looooong last look at LG’s latest addition to her incomparable fashion oeuvre!

Lady Gaga wears a white Mad Men retro look with an extra helping of sexy

Top photo: Splash News
Bottom photos: Gotcha Images / Splash News

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