PHOTOS Kim Zolciak-Biermann responds to lip filler criticism

Kim Zolciak Biermann lips

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak-Biermann is no stranger to tweaking Mother Nature as far as her appearance goes, but her recent photos with SUPER plumped up lips are drawing near unanimous criticism from her followers on social media. As you might have guessed, Kim is unmoved by others’ aesthetic preferences.

Kim has shared a series of photos and videos and videos on Instagram over the past few weeks in which her love of lip fillers are on full display, but it was a gallery of photos posted on Thursday with her four-year-old daughter Kaia that really sent people over the edge. The photo above is an example from the gallery, and here is another:

Kim Zolciak Biermann lip filler

And here are some prior clips and pics of Kim with her inflated smoocher:

Kim Zolciak lips

I don’t feel I need to share lots of examples of the critical comments, which predictably range from very polite folks suggesting that perhaps Kim went a wee bit too far, to the less polite references to Frankenstein, etc. But I will share some examples that Kim actually took the time to respond to — including a response to a supportive comment in which Kim reveals the lip liner and gloss she is wearing are from her very own makeup line coming soon:

COMMENT: Beautiful…but Kim your such a gorgeous woman you don’t need the lip fillers!!

KIM: I love them for now ❤️

COMMENT: Great combination of the lip liner and gloss , who makes it ??❤❤❤

KIM: me coming soon

COMMENT: Haters will say Kaia got a nose job too ?

KIM: right! F**k em ?

COMMENT: this is my nightmare ?

KIM: don’t worry sweetie you don’t stand a chance to be as beautiful as me ??

COMMENT: Wtf stop fukn with ur face girl . U starting to mutate

KIM: I’m love me that’s all that matters maybe you should try it! Have an awesome day ?

COMMENT: Omg, you have beautiful eyes!

KIM: why thank you love


KIM: sorry you feel that way you are simply projecting your own thoughts of yourself on to me I love me and what I look like,

COMMENT: Looking good for 40! Lol I’m sure a lot of people’s social media credit scores are about to go down !!! LOL

KIM: wayyyyy Down!! They wonder why their own lives are miserable! What you give out you get back double ?? love you

Personally, I’ve never really understood the plump lips thing. I get the bigger breasts and bigger butt thing, and how those can be taken to the extreme, but I just don’t get the lips thing at all. That being said, whenever the topic of plastic surgery comes up, I often use Kim Zolciak as an example of how the results can look really great. But lawdy lawd she has an obsession with plump lips that just makes me wince!

I want to emphasize that I do not condone criticizing aspects of people’s appearances that they have no control over, but I feel perfectly OK with offering my opinion about choices like lip filler. However, I don’t condone being an a**hole about it or anything. Kim’s free to do what she wants, obviously.

What do you think? Is Kim taking the lip plumping a little too far?

* I initially planned to include a relatively recent (past five years-ish) photo of Kim without her lip really plumped up (and also not smiling big) for comparison, but I had no luck finding one.

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