PHOTOS Kendall Jenner forgot her shirt in New York City + reviews for Rebels: City of Indra

Kendall Jenner Shirtless

Emerging supermodel Kendall Jenner made the New York City sidewalks her own personal runway on Tuesday. The 18-year-old wore an eye-catching teal blazer with matching ankle slacks and metallic stilettos. The only thing missing was a shirt… Which she seemed keenly aware of while holding the sides of the jacket together.

Kendall Jenner Blue Blazer

Kendall later wore the ensemble for a book event with sister Kylie Jenner. The girls are currently doing press for the dystopian novel they (kind of) wrote, Rebels: City of Indra.

Kendall Jenner - Kylie Jenner - City of Indra

The book was formally released yesterday and hasn’t been met with the kindest of reviews.

“This book is an insult to authors and aspiring authors everywhere — dreadful dialogue, no plot or character development and a nonsense tale that appears to have drawn heavy inspiration from several well-known and acclaimed dystopian/YA novels. If the Jenner girls were not famous, then this rubbish would never have made it on to the shelves. Don’t waste your money on this farce of a novel,” one reader commented on Amazon, where the book currently has a one-star rating.

Sherryl Connelly from The New York Daily News summarized her impression a bit more crassly, saying, “As stirring climaxes go, we’ll stick to Kim’s sex tape.”

Fortunately, Kendall has her growing modeling career to fall back on. She recently posed for Vogue and said the experience was “like a dream.”

“It’s incredible. I feel like when something like that happens and you’re in the moment, you don’t know how to react,” she told E! News. “It’s so surreal. And then it comes out and you see it and it’s just a dream.”

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