PHOTOS Katy Perry in a Smurfette dress at ‘The Smurfs’ Premiere

Katy Perry in a sexy Smurfette dress at The Smurfs movie premiere
^ Katy Perry as Smurfette at The Smurfs premiere (click to enlarge)

The Smurfs movie had its world premiere tonight at the Ziegfeld Theater in New York City and singer Katy Perry, who voices Smurfette in the film, brought her character to life on the red blue carpet in a sexy little Smurfette dress bound to make most any man want to Smurf her! (Smurf = ogle on your computer screen of course)

Katy Perry wears a dress with Smurfette on the front to The Smurfs premiere

The dress itself is much like Smurfette’s little white number, but it includes a large blinged-out visage of the little blue princess on the front. Katy completes the Smurfette makeover with golden blond hair, blue eyeshadow and a pair of ferocious blue Christian Louboutin heels. (The latter of which is in stark contrast to Smurfette’s chubby white clogs.)

Katy Perry and Smurfette on the blue carpet at The Smurfs movie world premiere

The “real” Smurfette was there as well, but I think even children would know better than wasting their eye power on that furry piece of eye broccoli with that sweet piece of candy right there beside her!

The Smurfs hits theaters on Friday, July 29 2011, but don’t let this post deceive you because IT DOES NOT FEATURE KATY PERRY IN THE FLESH, merely an animated Smurfette with Katy Perry’s voice. (CLICK HERE for the movie trailer and a snapshot of Katy Perry Smurfette reenacting Marilyn Monroe’s famous blowing skirt scene from The Seven-Year Itch)

Here’s more of Katy Perry turning certain things blue all over the world, including one of our looooooooooong last looks:

Katy Perry kisses Smurfette at the World Premiere of The Smurfs July 24 2011

Katy Perry's Smurfette dress at The Smurfs premiere July 24, 2011

Photos: Ivan Nikolov/

UPDATE – More photos of Katy Perry in her Smurfette dress keep pouring in and I finally found one of the backside. So, for those badonkasmurf lovers out there here’s the south end of a north bound Katy Perry in which you can see the elaborate lacing up the back as well as a little bit o’ bloomers!

Back side of Katy Perry's Smurfette dress at The Smurfs premiere
^ Photo: Ron Smits/London Ent/Splash News

And of course Katy Perry had Smurf fingernails! She tweeted this next photo just prior to the event with the caption “Smurf nails! Duh!” (Click to zoom in)

Katy Perry Smurf nails for The Smurfs movie premiere

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