Katy Perry Pop app launches from makers of Kim Kardashian Hollywood

Katy Perry Pop app

Nobody epitomizes the inner pop star dreamer girl in all of us better than Katy Perry, so it is only appropriate that game developers Glu Mobile would choose Katy for the music industry spin on their hugely successful Kim Kardashian Hollywood app. The new app, called Katy Perry Pop, is now available — and it’s free!

The app is an interactive virtual journey from aspiring singer to international pop star in which you aspire to be discovered by Katy Perry herself. Record songs, make music videos, a perform on stage in front of thousands of fans around the globe — all while being in complete control of your fashion, hair, and accessories. (I’m assuming you can eventually have the option of sporting spinning peppermints and/or whipped cream spewing brassieres?)

Here’s the Katy Perry Pop video trailer:

And of course you won’t have to make this journey alone! Katy will be right there to help mentor you. Plus, you can also use Game Center and Facebook to connect with real life friends who are also traveling down the road to virtual pop superstardom.

Some screen caps:

Katy Perry Pop

Katy Perry Pop game

Katy Perry game

As an added bonus, the app even offers a glimpse at the world through Katy’s eyes with a special feature called Katy Vision. I really can’t imagine the colorful kaleidoscope trip that would be! (Except, of course, for Russel Brand, which I’m guessing would look like an amalgamation of Heath Ledger’s The Joker, Sauron, and Emperor Palpatine.)

I can only assume that the app will also feature Katy Perry’s most famous sidekick, Left Shark. If so, here’s what that might look like:

Katy Perry Pop app Left Shark

Download Katy Perry Pop for free on iTunes and Google Play.

UPDATE – The game DOES feature Left Shark! Check out this “Katy Vision screen cap from the trailer above featuring everyone’s favorite directional undersea predator in a psychedelic pink zebra striped get up!

Katy Perry app Left Shark pink

With Left Shark in the game there are just too many possibilities! I think we’re gonna need a bigger app! 😉

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