PHOTOS Julissa Bermudez and Adrienne Bailon in bikinis filming Empire Girls reality series

Julissa Bermudez in a bikini

The Style Network announced last week at their summer press presentation that they will be airing the “docu-series” Empire Girls: Julissa & Adrienne following the “glamorous lives of Julissa Bermudez (106 & Park) and Adrienne Bailon (The Cheetah Girls) — two of America’s sexiest up-and-coming Latina actresses.” The show is set to premiere Sunday, June 3rd and the gals are already hard at work on the beaches of Miami!

Julissa (above) looked fantastic in her brightly colored strapless bikini as she strutted her stuff for the cameras. (I will refrain from the too-easy “Bermudez Triangle” reference.) I won’t refrain from telling you where you can buy Julissa’s suit, though! It’s called “Flowing Colt Coral” and it’s made by Maaji Swimwear. Julissa bought hers from The Orchid Boutique in Miami. (Retail: $140)

Adrienne Bailon appears to have done her swimsuit shopping at Thunderdome’s department store as she sported a Mad Max inspired shiny black one piece that features heightened pinched shoulders and… are those literal saddlebags?!?

Adrienne Bailon bikini photo

Adrienne shared a photo on Instagram of what the suit looks like horizontal:

Adrienne Bailon Twitter bikini photo

I think on 99% of women that suit would look a bit silly, but on Adrienne it looks exotically quirky and, of course, sexxxy!

Sadly, there were no photos of what Adrienne’s swimsuit looked like from behind. The same cannot be said for Julissa Bermudez, who showed off her Bermudadonk while apparently doing push-ups for the camera? (Reality shows are hard work!)

Julissa Bermudez shwos off her booty in a bikini

Also along for the reality show babe fest was publicist Ashley Weatherspoon, who looked to be “clocked in” on her cell phone as the trio walked and talked:

Empire Girls Julissa Bermudez Adrienne Bailon and publicist Ashley Weatherspoon

Want to know more about Empire Girls: Julissa & Adrienne and see more of Julissa and Adrienne heating up South Beach? No problem! Here is the official press relase from The Style Network with all the EG:JA deets with more bikini photos mixed in! We like to call it “sinformation” 😉

The Style Network gets an intimate look into the glamorous lives of Julissa Bermudez (“106 & Park”) and Adrienne Bailon (“The Cheetah Girls”) — two of America’s sexiest up-and-coming Latina actresses — in the new docu-series “Empire Girls: Julissa & Adrienne.” Viewers will follow this savvy young duo as they hit the streets of New York to build their entertainment careers and attempt to find true love, all while maintaining their fabulous lifestyle and enviable social calendar.

Empire Girls Adrienne Bailon in a bikini filming in Miami

As they strive to overcome challenges on their path to personal and professional harmony, Bermudez and Bailon are determined to achieve their goals before their 30th birthdays, which are right around the corner. By combining their will power and talent to beef up their resumes and fledgling celebrity status, they hope to double their chances of success! However, will it be enough to gain the stardom and stature they so desperately crave?

Bermudez and Bailon met in 2006 on the set of the MTV feature film “All You’ve Got.” While filming, they developed a close bond and have remained steadfast friends, united by their shared Latina heritage and desire to make it big in entertainment. Energetic and headstrong, Bermudez’s current professional goal is simple – to become the Latina version of Tyra Banks. Bailon, on the other hand, wants to be seen as an acting, singing and dancing triple threat like Jennifer Lopez, but she desperately needs to shed her child-star past in order to reach her goal.

Julissa Bermudez bikini photo

While their careers are very important, they ultimately take a backseat to these single girls’ quests for true love. Unfortunately, their journey so far has been fraught with complications. Bermudez’s desire to date star athletes constantly ends in heartbreak and puts her at odds with Bailon who implores her to consider other options. However, Bailon has her own share of boy issues as she looks to move on from her past relationship with Rob Kardashian. Will this pair be able to have it all – a great boyfriend, successful career and the free time to still hit the nightclubs? They will need each other more than ever as they prepare to work, love and play hard in the Big Apple.

All photos (minus the Instagram picture of Adrienne): JLN Photography /