PHOTOS Jessa Seewald accused of faking mission departure pictures for Jill Dillard

Derick and Jill Dillard Mission



This weekend, Derick and Jill Dillard announced they were departing for their long-term mission abroad. Jill’s younger sister Jessa Seewald then posted a picture that made it look as if the family was seeing the Dillards off at the airport. However, as with most things Duggar-related, it wasn’t long before some controversy surfaced.

“The photo of Jill and Derick and baby Izzy wasn’t taken today as they left on their mission. It was taken a couple of weeks ago when they returned from the ALIVE conference,” said the Facebook administrator of Duggar Family News: Life is not all pickles and hairspray.


Jill Dillard Alive Conference



As a picture posted in mid-June shows, Jill’s airport shirt was the same one she wore when returning home from the Ohio festival. It’s harder to tell for sure, but it looks like Israel is also wearing the same outfit in both pictures. What’s more, it makes much more sense for Jessa to have the picture from June when she was traveling with Jill and Derick versus one from their departure this weekend, when security would have prevented her from getting so far unless she was also going along.

The firmer evidence, however, is that Derick cut his hair since the festival last month. That can be seen both in the picture Jill posted from the Fourth of July and in a new video of the Duggar family saying their goodbyes.



However, the Dillards did actually leave for their mission: They were photographed (in entirely different outfits from Jessa’s picture) at an airport in Texas on Monday. Knowing all of that, do you think it’s no big deal that Jessa apparently recycled a picture, or was it unnecessary fakery?

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