PHOTOS Jack Osbourne needs protection from ex-girlfriend Niki Cloyd

A scruffy looking Jack Osbourne and a mystery brunette companion head to Trousdale in Hollywood

Jack Osbourne’s ex is going off the rails on a crazy train!  TMZ is reporting that Jack, the son of famous Heavy Metal icon Ozzy Osbourne, requested a restraining order from ex-girlfriend Niki Cloyd, 24.

Jack Osbourne Hangs Out With Niki Cloyd

The jilted model allegedly keyed Osbourne’s $250,000 Aston Martin (seen above) at his Hollywood Hills home. But that was just the beginning!

As part of the court request Jack Osbourne stated that Cloyd:

“Is apparently in a state of unpredictable rage, and I fear that she intends to do further harm to me or to my property.”He goes on to claim that Cloyd, “went through my telephone text messages, my private computer files, and flew into a rage, destroying property in my home.”

The L.A. County Superior Court judge wasn’t very sympathetic to the Ozzy offspring, unceremoniously rejecting the request stating,  “There was insufficient evidence for a restraining order.” She did offer an obvious piece of advice to Jack as a parting shot, “Don’t allow her in your home.”

Niki Cloyd has attempted to scrub her virtual presence from the internet, including deleting her Facebook account, but there are a few remnants of the model to be found:

Niki Cloyd’s profile at Maximum Models – Includes five photos and the following specs:
Height: 5’8″
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Bust: 32″
Waist: 24″
Hips: 34″
Shoes: 9
Dress: 2-4

Niki Cloyd’s modeling profile at Industry Talent – 17 great photos, including a Vanidades magazine cover. Her specs are the same except her shoe size shrinks from 9 to 8.

Here’s another photo of Jack and Niki from April 1, 2010:

A scruffy looking Jack Osbourne and girlfriend Niki Cloyd head to Trousdale in Hollywood

Poor little furry, cuddly Jack. But maybe it’s not too late for the feuding couple – they only need listen to the sage marital advice of his father from his romantic ballad, Crazy Train:”

Crazy, but that’s how it goes
Millions of people living as foes
Maybe it’s not too late
To learn how to love
And forget how to hate

Jack and Niki photos: Adrian Varnedoe,
Jack and his car photo: Fame Pictures
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