PHOTOS Is Kate Gosselin dating married bodyguard Steve Neild?

Kate Gosselin Steve Neild Rumors

Kate Gosselin may be separating business and pleasure in her life. The current Celebrity Apprentice contestant was pictured today with a new bodyguard by her side in New York City — amidst increasing reports she’s dating her longtime bodyguard, Steve Neild.

Kate Gosselin New Bodyguard

The personnel change comes one day after In Touch reported Kate was caught sharing a hotel room with Steve, whom she recently promoted to her top advisor and road manager. The report is particularly controversial, because Steve is married with two teenage sons. His wife’s current Facebook profile picture is even a family photo — indicating they are still together.

Steve Nield - Kate Gosselin
Steve Neild following Kate Gosselin into a hotel on Tuesday.

The rumors of romance between Kate and Steve are nothing new. As far back as 2009, some sources said Kate and Steve’s relationship contributed to her then-fresh split from Jon Gosselin. In 2010, body language experts said their interactions indicated they were definitely more than friends. Sources also said at the time that he was living in an apartment on her property.

This week, Jon told In Touch he has no trouble believing the reports because Kate and Steve are in the habit of sharing intimate spaces.

“Steve and Kate would have one room and the kids would have a separate room when they traveled,” said Jon, who knew Steve from their Jon & Kate Plus 8 days. “It’s not a work situation. I have always thought they were together.”

Other sources from the Celebrity Apprentice set called the dynamic between Kate and Steve “bizarre.”

One insider noted, “No one else has a bodyguard or assistant with them.”

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