PHOTOS Glee’s Lea Michele and Dianna Argon in controversial hot sexy photo shoot

Glee hotties Lea Michele(Rachel) and Dianna Argon (Quinn) posed in a photo shoot for GQ that sexualizes their high school characters.

Diana poses sort of provocatively in a cheerleader outfit, but Lea Michele is the one who goes all Britney in her underwear and spreading her legs. There’s some question as to if these girls, who are adult actresses playing teenagers one a family friendly show, should have gotten this racy for a photo shoot. Think of the children!

See the pics that scandalized Kathie Lee and Hoda on The Today Show this morning:

Someone who really didn’t deliver here is Corey Monteith, who remained fully clothed throughout the shoot, even when draped with hot girls. They should have at least stripped him down and spanked him.

(Photos by Terry Richardson for GQ)
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