1994 Miss Argentina Solange Magnano pictures: Former beauty queen died from butt-implant surgery / gluteoplasty

Solange Magnano

37-year-old Solange Magnano had a gluteoplasty in Buenos Aires Wednesday and died Thursday from a pulmonary embolism “when liquid injected into her buttocks ‘went to her lungs and brain,'” according to TMZ. The site reports that Magnano’s cause of death is still under investigation.

Wikipedia says there are two different kinds of gluteoplasty: “The lifting of the buttocks” and “The surgical enlargement of the buttocks through the insertion of a moulded synthetic implant or through the use of substances such as elastomer.” It sounds as though Magnano was having the latter variety done.

Here are a few Solange Magnano pictures. Surprisingly, there aren’t very many quality images of the former beauty queen.

A sexy Solange Magnano models a shimmering dress

Solange Magnano models a gold metallic dress

Solange Magnano modeling photo

Solange Magnano models a formal black evening gown

Solange Magnano bikini swimwear pageant photo
Photos: www.glamourargentino.com.ar

Magnano won the Miss Argentina title back in 1994 and is the mother of 7-year-old twins. She was married and had started her own modeling agency.

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